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Last Updated: October 14th 2018

I listen to all of your feedback and suggestions, some of which have made it into previous versions of ChastiKey so please continue to send them through via the feedback button in the app, the ChastiKey Forums, or the ChastiKey Discord server


  • Improve the social side of the app making it easier for users to communicate with each other, view each others profiles and share and find locks, all from within the app.
  • Bot improvements, including the option to trust bots.


  • Add an option for the user to choose their timezone so that locks can be created to finish at certain date and times.
  • Some basic stats from all of your lock sessions, including maybe your best records. And some more available lock information for the locks running.
  • Allow the keyholder to queue certain cards that the lockee reveals when they pick each turn.
  • Allow the keyholder to open up a hygiene window with their lockees, and show how long the lockee has been away cleaning.


  • Coin and dice rolls within the app that are logged and viewable both by the lockee and keyholder.
  • Possibly allow lockees to share their lock for random users to update, or for one keyholder to take on. This would require making the two types of QR codes noticeably different otherwise it will get confusing which is which. Or with the social side improvements allow random users to update their lock easily within the app.
  • Allow for recently completed locks to be restarted.
  • Save lock configurations to use again at a later date.
  • Tasks and punishments. This is a popular request but I have an idea for a second app that would connect with ChastiKey, and where these would best fit.

I have a large list of suggestions and ideas that have been collected over time that will all be looked at and considered. Too many to add to the roadmap.

And although these are grouped by priority there may be times where I work on a lower priority feature over a high priority one because they’re quicker to do.

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